About us

The Brand,

V3FIT or what was originally going to be VEFIT  however we wanted not only our products but our suppliers and everthing in-between right up to you receiving your items to be

  1. Vegan friendly 
  2. Ecological
  3. Sustainable

With these 3 values at the heart of the brand we turned that E around from VEFIT to V3FIT! So rest assured every item we sell will always have these 3 core values.

Our vision is to bring you quality gym apparel designed by us. (Not sticking our brand labels on someone elses work!) We Work closely with our design team to create each garment from scratch.

It was important to us that all our Factories have all the relevant certificates, or have the relevant certifications for the yarns they use. GOTS, GRS, OEKO-TEX. or have the relevant certifications for the yarns they use.

We believe everyone has their part to play.

Climate change is effecting us all, BUT we also believe change has to come from the top, the large organisations, for people like you to be able to shop sustainably without having to consciously check every product.

With global warming and  climate change dominating the news and current market leaders failing  to lead the way on innovation despite having the resourses available V3FIT was born.

At V3FIT we know the time, dedication, and hard work you put in to your workouts everyday not to mention your meal planning. Which is why we have gone the extra mile to ensure we bring you only the very best Products.

We value quality and honesty above all else. we work closely with all our suppliers to provide You with an unparalleled service and product.

We exist only to supply you with a choice, a choice to lead the way to a brighter, greener, more sustainable future for our children our grandchildren for everyone. BE THE CHANGE!!

"If we all make small changes it will make a world of difference"

Don't just be fit, V3FIT!!