Here at V3FIT we care about the world we live in! every year over 380 million tonnes of plastic is produced with around 300 million tonnes of waste. That’s nearly equivalent to the weight of the entire human population!

with Plastic wastage growing at an annual rate of 9%, by 2040 there is expected to be 1.3 billion tonnes of plastic wastes present in the environment.

Plastic takes approximately 500 - 1,000 years for it to decompose.

Every year 10 million tons of plastic debris reaches our marine environment, this is equivalent to more than one garbage truck of plastic thrown out into the seas per minute. For this reason, many experts project that plastics will outweigh the fish in the ocean by 2050.

While the environmental impact of single-use plastics like straws, coffee cup lids, plastic bottles and shopping bags have been hitting the headlines for years, carpet waste remains an out of sight, out of mind issue. Each year in the U.S,. 4 billion pounds (2 billion kilos) of carpet is discarded in landfills.  As these carpet fibers break breakdown in landfill, they release methane, one of the most potent greenhouse gases, into our atmosphere. Meanwhile, toxic chemicals from the carpet can leach into the surrounding environment, especially in landfills that aren’t properly managed.

It is estimated that each year, 640,000 tons of fishing gear is lost or abandoned in the seas and oceans.  Every Year MILLIONS of marine animals die due to plastic pollution. 

Source: Plastic oceansNational geographic



We are using recycled plastic wastes and turning it into clothing.

We use certified yarns such as 

REPREVE® the world’s leading brand of recycled performance fibre. Made from plastic bottles. Using recycled instead of virgin polyester produces fewer carbon emissions. And giving plastic bottles a second life keeps them out of oceans and landfills.

Our yarn has its own traceable fingerprint, or also known as, Fibre Print®. This clever yarn imprint means we can verify products with our U Trust™ certification.

ECONYL® regenerated nylon it is made by recovering nylon waste such as fishing nets, old carpets destined for landfill and industrial plastics. Through a radical regeneration and purification process, the nylon waste is recycled right back to its original purity, and it is processed into fossil-based quality nylon yarn.

Not to mention that for every order we plant x10 trees to offset our carbon footprint.

Our mission is to be your trusted source for sustainable, vegan friendly and carbon neutral Gym wear.


We also use natural bamboo to produce some products. Know your bamboo



Serbian factory

Our Serbian factory has 100 kW of solar panels and our energy consumption never exceeds 80 kW/h. We have mandatory LED lighting throughout the facility. Our factory has installed a wastewater treatment plant and is officially certified by PIA, an accredited and notified testing body for the certification of wastewater treatment products. Going one step further, we’ve taken additional precautionary measures by using a product for the increased decomposition of organic waste called Bistrol. It is a mixture of aerobic and anaerobic saprophytic bacteria that breaks down proteins, cellulose, fats and oils, That way the wastewater leaves the RotoClean collectors completely safe for the environment.

We use only GRS certified yarns for our clothing and Oeko-tex certified inks please check our manufacturers certificates here. We use dye sublimation printing The process uses next to no water! (all it takes to transfer a design to a t-shirt this way is around 5 ml of water-based ink) Compared to traditional dyeing methods, you’ll save around 100 litres of water for one t-shirt!

If That's not enough!

Any textile waste that is created, instead of going into the landfill, all our “textile extras” end up at 2 places firstly NURDOR it is a national association of parents of children battling cancer made up of parents, doctors, medical staff, legal advisors, and volunteers.

Our textile trimmings are a regular part of NURDOR’s Love and Hope camps. That’s where mums get to express themselves through art. Mums use our textile cut-offs to make lovely handcrafted goodies like necklaces and wristbands. This is a small contribution but a very dear one because it is for a great cause!

Secondly Iron Sport is a Serbian sporting equipment manufacturer that is specialised in making boxing gear.

And they need a constant supply of our textile cut-offs in order to make fillings for their boxing bags. Basically, we can make a lot more “textile extras” and they would still be upcycled by Iron Sport in no time.


Chinese factory

Our factory in China uses certified yarns from ECONYL® process,  REPREVE® and closed-loop natural bamboo. We only order what we need for production in order to limit our waste materials, any materials that are left get turned into hair scrunchies.


We personally check all of our factories certificates and choose who we work with carefully.