We are regenerative by design 

REPREVE® started life 20 years ago as waste, spat out of a yarn machine. Because we believe there’s a use for everything, we asked, ‘What if we could make fibre waste back into fibre?’. This started our journey of seeing waste as a resource, a resource in the wrong place but one with tons of possibility. Two decades and 35 billion recycled bottles later, we’re still trying to be useful. We see opportunity in mistakes, possibility in failure, and hope in dark places (like the bottom of your recycling bin).

We are performance pioneers

From plastic bottle to breathable running shoe, REPREVE® is the common thread. We transform recycled bottles into thermo-regulating pants for hikers, moisture-wicking apparel for athletes, odour control tees for teens and fire-resistant sofas for loungers. We help make astronauts comfortable, soccer players run faster, and our military do their duty.

We are world leaders
REPREVE® is the world’s leading recycled polyester brand. Trusted by high-profile brands to develop sustainable products worldwide, it is the only eco-fibre with U TRUST® product verification to certify transparency and traceability. We are sourced, manufactured and sold in every major textile region in the world